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A Veneto Beauty Called Sossano
Gretchen Loro
A gorgeous house in central Veneto holds some nice surprises

Like a child on Christmas morning, I was trying to peak beyond the gate it was taking him so long to open!  When the moment finally arrived, and the house was in full view, I was speechless.  Charmingly rustic, the house far exceeded my expectations...

Living the Dream
Barry Raven
A visit to Gira! leads to a new life 'Under Le Marche Sun'

     Two and a half years on and the title of this piece is now a reality, after more than a few culture shocks and hardships to endure.  But our story goes back a lot further than that.  Some seven years ago after losing my last wife suddenly and without warning, my friends were becoming concerned about my welfare so they persuaded me to go on holiday.  I chose Italy ...

Etruscan Influences
Jim Broyles
Discover art and friendship on the Tuscan coast

     The road took us through winding turns, continuing on its upward path into the mountainous territory above Italy's Etruscan Coast. We knew we were away from the usual tourist destinations and were excited about it. Many of Italy's best treasures lie in the undiscovered and least visited areas. 

Aunt Elsie's Journal

Elsie Kinghorn Carolan
A personal reflection from a 1927 journey

When our wonderful Aunt Elsie passed away a few years ago, we were given some of her treasure.  Among these gifts was a short bookshelf of travel volumes from the early twentieth century.   Elsie kept a very careful and reflective travel journal in 1927, and this too was passed on to us in excellent condition.

Cooking Lessons in our Villa

Pam Vallone
Learning to prepare food the Tuscan way

Italy evokes so many images in the minds of countless visitors past, present and future. To me it has always been the food. From my very first bite of Italian food I knew there was something special about what I was eating.

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